Walk a Little

I sent my favorite explorer out adventuring all by his lonesome this weekend so I could try to get some chores done at home. It’s been one of those busy times lately. You know, the need-to’s and the should-do’s piling up, work projects and deadlines making themselves the priority and playtime taking a back seat to it all. You’d think I would long to explore a bit more and seek a little solace in the great outdoors, and it’s true I do. But sometimes a girl just needs a day at home, alone, to get her chores done. When life gets all hectic and harrowed, my head and my home become cluttered with chaos to the point where I begin to feel desperate for even just the tiniest bit of clear space. Whenever I get to that point, I always hear this song playing in my head.

I think it’s time to put myself away,
seek out a little silence,
close the doors and sit awhile 
and walk a little…
Desert Sunrise









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Adventure Awaits

My friends often say to me, with that subtle look of envy: Oh, you do live an adventurous life! I wish I…sigh… Well, I suppose it’s true, I do. But truth be told, I am not what you would call an adventurous girl. I hate rough roads, I am afraid of heights and sometimes I’m scared of the dark. I am timid, shy and I often cry when stuck in uncomfortable situations. But for me, the secret for living an adventurous life lies in the exploration, the delightful discoveries and the excitement of the unexpected. The possibilities for adventure are endless and not always difficult to pursue. Sometimes it is a simple walk in the woods, a leisurely drive or a quiet evening stroll. Whether it is a well-traveled highway or an unexplored byway, choose the road that calls to you…adventure awaits.

Road to Death Valley









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Well, here we go again. A new year, another cycle of seasons, one more revolution around the sun. And as we embark on yet another journey around that beautiful, life-giving star of ours, it is customary to look back, to ponder what was and wonder what will come. I, myself, have never really been a goal-oriented person. This socially accepted tradition of creating and pursuing a set list of goals for the coming year has always been a fruitless endeavor for me. I much prefer to use the term intentions rather than resolutions.

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My Grateful Heart

Whenever I have difficulty expressing what is in my heart, I look to the children. With Thanksgiving approaching I wanted to engage the wee ones in a classroom activity centered around gratitude. The idea was to portray our grateful hearts in art. The preceding discussion involved an inquiry: What does being grateful mean to you? All those itty bitty hands popped into the air, waving excitedly, each child anxiously awaiting a turn to define their gratitude. First up: Being grateful is when somebody does something nice for you and you say “Thank You”. Next: It’s when you have a lot of things and you are happy with what you have. Then: Grateful is when your heart feels happy for everything. It never ceases to amaze me, the truth in a child’s definition of things.

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Wandering with Winnedumah

As preparations for Thanksgiving day are underway, any proper foodie would thoughtfully present you with some sort of lovely and healthy dish with which to nourish your body and please the palate of your holiday guests. Although I am forever grateful for nature’s beautiful bounty and the nourishment it provides, I must admit that during this time of giving thanks, my mind tends to wander from the table, shying away from the accepted act of overindulgence as an expression of joyful gratitude. In this season of giving thanks, my heart always heads for the hills where Mama Nature never fails to heighten my awareness of the abundance of beauty in my life. So, in keeping with tradition, my hubby and I sought some nature time this past weekend and found ourselves pondering our plenitude as we wandered with Winnedumah.

Winnedumah Paiute Monument







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Magic at Meysan Lake

Have you ever had one of those moments, so profoundly beautiful you find it difficult to convey? My husband and I experienced such a moment last weekend. I know what you’re thinking. Oh great, here she goes, waxing her profundities again. But quite frankly, I am having trouble attaching words to my profoundly beautiful moment, except to say that it was magical. And though I am not a fan of fairy tales, I do believe in magic.

Meysan Lake










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In the Clouds

I don’t know about you, but I am a practical sort of gal. I tend to be the grounding force in my relationships, the voice of reason, or as my hubby affectionately terms it, the thundercloud rainin’ on someone’s parade. Admittedly, this is so. However, even I need a little escape from the realities of life now and then. I believe there are times when it is perfectly appropriate to blatantly shirk your responsibilities, stick your head in the clouds, stay awhile, play awhile and enjoy the moment while you can.

Pacific Crest Trail


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Savor the Moment

After desperately craving autumn for several torturous weeks now, we are finally beginning to experience our brief little fall moments here in the desert. It is still much too warm for cozy sweaters and comfy boots with midday temperatures still hanging out in the eighties. But when the sun goes down, that cool air creeps in and beckons you out to the back porch to sit awhile, breathe it in and savor a little autumn moment. Savor, isn’t that a great word? To give oneself to the enjoyment of; to perceive by taste or smell, especially with relish. It is the perfect word for this season, these few transient moments of fall. I shall give myself to the enjoyment of it, relish the flavor of it while it lasts and I will start with my favorite savory sauce.

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Little Altars for Abe

Everybody has a story. Everyone has a cause. There is an awareness month for everything these days and a ribbon color for any cause imaginable. It can break your heart to think about all the suffering and loss so many people experience every single day. The question of what can I do to help can be so overwhelming, we often do nothing at all. Except, perhaps pin a ribbon to our chest as a show of support. I have never been the ribbon-wearing sort, myself. Instead, I quietly build little altars in my private spaces, my secret places and I seek solace in my sacred nature moments. I love and respect that so many people who suffer have been awarded a National Day of recognition or an Awareness Month in which to come together, to honor, remember, educate and advocate for their cause. But what I love even more is the idea that, as individuals, each one of us can embrace and create opportunities every day to honor, remember, educate and advocate. And we can share the stories that are near and dear to our hearts. This is my story and these are my little altars for Abe.

Little Alter for Abe

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Restoration Project

There are those moments in life when we find ourselves simply depleted. With diminished brainpower, devoid of energy, deficient in sleep and lacking inspiration, we feel spent, trampled and lifeless. In those moments I wish I could just step away, fence myself in and post one of those boundary signs: Protected wilderness area. Keep out. Stay back. Restoration in progress. Unfortunately for most of us, life refuses to stop, or even slow down, for those desperately depleted moments. So, we have to find a way, in the midst of the day-to-day, to breathe life back into the soul by creating our own personal restoration project.

View of Humphrey's Basin

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