My Grateful Heart

Whenever I have difficulty expressing what is in my heart, I look to the children. With Thanksgiving approaching I wanted to engage the wee ones in a classroom activity centered around gratitude. The idea was to portray our grateful hearts in art. The preceding discussion involved an inquiry: What does being grateful mean to you? All those itty bitty hands popped into the air, waving excitedly, each child anxiously awaiting a turn to define their gratitude. First up: Being grateful is when somebody does something nice for you and you say “Thank You”. Next: It’s when you have a lot of things and you are happy with what you have. Then: Grateful is when your heart feels happy for everything. It never ceases to amaze me, the truth in a child’s definition of things.

As a Montessori teacher I am trained not to instruct, but to lead by example, to role model, to teach by doing. And so I rendered a drawing of my own grateful heart.

I am grateful for the mountains: my solid foundation, my strength. I am grateful for the trees: those who planted the seeds, gave me strong roots, a nurtured soul and the freedom to grow. I am grateful for the wildflowers: my siblings, my friends, my soulmates. I am grateful for the glacial lakes: a reflection of my deepest heart, my ability to see, my moments of clarity. I am grateful for the starry sky: my guiding light, my endless possibilities. I am grateful for the silver clouds: my peace of mind. I am grateful for each sunrise and sunset: my every breath. And for this life of mine: the adventure, the beauty, the joy, the love…I am most truly grateful.    

Wishing you gratitude.


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