Walk a Little

I sent my favorite explorer out adventuring all by his lonesome this weekend so I could try to get some chores done at home. It’s been one of those busy times lately. You know, the need-to’s and the should-do’s piling up, work projects and deadlines making themselves the priority and playtime taking a back seat to it all. You’d think I would long to explore a bit more and seek a little solace in the great outdoors, and it’s true I do. But sometimes a girl just needs a day at home, alone, to get her chores done. When life gets all hectic and harrowed, my head and my home become cluttered with chaos to the point where I begin to feel desperate for even just the tiniest bit of clear space. Whenever I get to that point, I always hear this song playing in my head.

I think it’s time to put myself away,
seek out a little silence,
close the doors and sit awhile 
and walk a little…
Desert Sunrise









We all have one of those songs. That certain tune which puts you in that certain place, whatever and wherever it may be. This Someday Soon tune by KT Tunstall, always puts me in my place for some reason. I found myself desperately needing to clear the cluttered chaos this weekend, so I politely declined an outdoor adventure with my hubby. Over the years I’ve learned that when I find myself in such a state, it’s simply best to send my boy packing and do what I need to do. He doesn’t seem to mind as he enjoys going solo from time to time. So, it works out well for the both of us.

Since he was up and at ’em long before dawn on Saturday morning, so was I. With my coffee cup, some quiet time and a whole day to myself, I got straight to work organizing the task list, laying the groundwork and preparing for a productive day ahead. I actually enjoy working in those early morning hours and it is usually my most productive time. But this day I felt overwhelmed, scattered, confused about what to do first and where to go next. That’s when I heard that little sing-song voice in my head whispering…pau-ause. You’re up before the sun, you have no schedule to keep, the day is yours, so why are you standing here in such a state? Go catch yourself a sunrise, silly girl! I have been missing my skyscapes, lately. As I made a mad dash for the camera, grabbed some shoes and headed for the door, my Daisy dog started giving me that look. The one that makes me feel completely inadequate in my duties as her human. Well, how could I say no? All right, let’s go, guys. Get in the car. Quick! Those pups were so taken aback at this unexpected outing that doggie chaos ensued. It was not a peaceful arrival, but we managed to make it to the trailhead just in time to watch the moon meet the sun at the dawning of a beautiful day.

Moon at Sunrise
Clouds over Sierra
Sunrise Cloudscape
Sunrise Cloudscape 2
After a few moments of frantically racing about, sniffing and peeing (the pooches, not me) and wildly snapping photographs, we were all suddenly lulled to a quiet calm by the whispering wind and oh, that felt nice. Hushed into silence, we watched as the sun gradually brought that golden glow to the desert floor.
As I put my words away, the flow slows…
Morning Moonscape
Daisy at Sunrise
Sun Rising
Rosco on the Trail
Green Desert Trail
Mother nature is unsure of herself these days. The desert is unseasonably lush right now and our little desert is so beautiful when it’s green. The wildflowers have been tricked into blooming and the wild grasses seems to be growing right before my very eyes. I certainly did not expect to be photographing flowers this morning, but it turned out to be a fine morning for it. Beautifully unexpected.

Gonna turn myself into the grass, and I’ll grow…

Storksbill in Bloom
Silver Cholla
There is something about this desert sky. That vast, blue expanse, the activity, the endless possibilities. I always feel like a little kid in those moments I allow myself the freedom to dance with the clouds and soar with the birds. And I do so admire little kids.
Take this space above my head, and live in it a little..
Walk a LittleSoring
Cholla Trailhead

At the end of the day, the chores were far from done and I was nowhere near productive, but I witnessed a beautiful sunrise. I was lulled into a state of peace by the whispering wind. I watched the birds soar and the grass grow and, well…I’d say I accomplished a lot.

Creosote Silhouette
And my wish for you? May you be blessed by a beautiful sunrise, may you catch a falling star, may the wind whisper you lullabies, wherever you are.
Have a peaceful week, my friends.

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