Hi, there. My name is Rebecca and welcome to my little space. This is where I come to seek solace from that stressful side of life. No matter who you are or what you do, sometimes life can get a little crazy, no? Sometimes things get out of balance and the to-do’s and the need-you’s completely overwhelm your me-moments. You know what I mean. I admit, I am a “Life is lovely! Live the adventure!” sort of gal, but there are times, many times, when that hustle-bustle energy clouds my lovely view of the world. In those moments, I do my best to pause and consider the little things in life. For it is most often those seemingly small things that bring about the clarity, clear the clouds and fill my sky with color. These are my moments, my stories, my solace. And this is my place for sharing them. And here is a little bit about myself:

I am a star-gazer, a cloud-watcher, a sun-catcher.


I am a hiker, a biker, and sometimes a climber.


I am a taker of photos, a lover of words, a collector of beautiful moments.


I am a wife, a daughter, a sisteran aunt and a human to two big mutts.


I am an adorer of nature, a follower of seasons and a secret admirer of food. I yearn for adventure, I strive for health and I constantly seek inspiration.



 Sunsets and StarfallMy husband and I love the outdoors. We feel fortunate to live in our little town in the Mojave Desert. Here, we have easy access to both the granite peaks of the Sierra Nevada and the desert dunes of Death Valley. We follow the seasons. In our little world, summer belongs to the mountains and winter is for desert wandering. Our outdoor adventures are very much a part of who we are, both as a couple and as individuals. We are constantly awed by the wonder of nature. We continually attempt to capture it on camera, to somehow communicate the beauty of it all. My husband does have a way with those landscapes and skyscapes (you should see some of his amazing captures!). I am not a photographer, by any means, but I am constantly taking pictures. I enjoy using words to create images, hopefully giving you a little glimpse, sharing the wonder and amazement that we experience.

 organic fruitWe enjoy pursuing a healthy lifestyle. I think healthy food is beautiful and cooking is an adventure. I enjoy seeking creative ways to use organic produce. Natural ingredients excite me. I am a food nerd. Which is actually how this space came to be in the first place. I love to collect recipes, yet I rarely follow them. I enjoy creating my own recipes, but I forget to write them down (I am working on that). And naturally, I incessantly take pictures of my food. I can’t really attach any labels to our way of cooking and eating. We are not Vegan nor do we follow a Paleo diet. My husband likes meat, but only the grass-fed, hormone-free, no-antibiotic kind. Meat does not like me. Neither does dairy. We eat mostly gluten-free…but not always. We avoid processed foods and refined sugar and believe whole-heartedly in the importance of whole foods for good health. We abhor GMO’s and eat organic whenever possible. We try to incorporate more raw and alkaline foods into our diet. Basically, we strive for balance. We like to eat from nature, as close to the source as possible. We have experienced the benefits of a healthy, plant-based, high-raw, alkaline diet and we simply try to be conscientious about what we eat. 

So, to sum it up, I love nature, I love adventure, I love photography. I love living a healthy lifestyle. I find great joy in creating something wonderful, something beautiful, something delicious and I delight in sharing it with others. I am constantly inspired by those, like yourself, who so freely share with me. And that’s what I’m all about. Thanks for stopping to visit. Thank you for taking the time to get to know me. Most of all, thank you for being a part of my adventure and sharing in my solace!

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