Weekend Vibes

We are finally beginning to feel the subtle seasonal shift around here, as summer ever so slowly gives way to fall. That teasing temperature is finally beginning to cool a bit, the autumn winds are blowing and the daylight hours are quickly growing shorter. For the first time, in what seems like forever, the very thought of a hot cup tea or a steaming bowl of stew doesn’t send me instantly into a sweat. At last, the pumpkin and the autumn spice seem nice and seasonally appropriate to use in a culinary exploration. However, with my extra hour of sunlight and an extra hour of sleep, I’m in a sunny sort of mood this morning and craving something sweet. So, I think I will forgo the earthy flavors of fall and revisit the sweetness of the summer fruits with some fancy pancakes for breakfast.

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Chocolate Energy Bars

One thing I am always in search of is a good energy bar.  After so many years of trail time, my husband and I have had our fill of the packaged energy/protein/power bar.  We are always on the hunt for new recipes for homemade bars packing some sort of super-nutrient punch.  Today I had a hankering for some of these Chocolate Energy Bars.  They are perfect for a long day on the trail or a day at the crags.  Make them into mini bites and they are just the sweet thing to top off a healthy lunch during a long work day or a little pick-me-up any old time.  These bars are so yummy and very satisfying. I thought I might need a little bit of this goodness to get me through the coming week.

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