Well, here we go again. A new year, another cycle of seasons, one more revolution around the sun. And as we embark on yet another journey around that beautiful, life-giving star of ours, it is customary to look back, to ponder what was and wonder what will come. I, myself, have never really been a goal-oriented person. This socially accepted tradition of creating and pursuing a set list of goals for the coming year has always been a fruitless endeavor for me. I much prefer to use the term intentions rather than resolutions.

It has never been my experience to find myself at the end of a year looking back with any grand sense of accomplishment: Wow! Look what I did! I set that certain goal, worked with resolve and achieved that very thing which I set out to accomplish! I have great admiration for people who work that way, but it has never been my style. I have always taken more of a wanderer’s approach to New Year’s Resolutions, clinging to the flexibility that allows me to follow new and unexpected opportunities as they come along. And at the end of a year, I usually find myself looking back with a rather simple sense of satisfaction: Well, look at that. It wasn’t really my plan, not quite what I intended, but what a lovely and unexpected experience I had! However, in this year’s annual tradition of quiet contemplation, as I reflected on the many magical moments of the past year, I had a sudden realization. I did, in fact, achieve that very thing which I set out to accomplish in 2014: I resolve to be ever mindful of these moments. I promise to live these moments and continue to share them with others. 

Such seemingly simple things can be deceptively difficult to achieve in the hectic hustle and the busy bustle of daily life. And so, it is with a grand sense of accomplishment that I pat myself on the back and exclaim: Wow! Look what I did! Oddly enough, this little place in cyberspace played a pivotal role in my grand accomplishment for the year. Thanks to you, I am continually inspired to try new things and live each day as an adventure. You may be unaware, but you often give me cause to pause and appreciate the beauty, reveal the magic in the unexpected. Because of you, I am awarded precious opportunities to view my everyday moments as celebrations. It is thanks to you that I continue seeking solace in doing what I love, indulging my inspirations and sharing my adventures. I sincerely thank you for sharing in my big accomplishment! And as we move into this new year, another cycle, one more adventure around the sun, my wish for you is to take a moment to pause in contemplation. Look back in quiet reflection and move forward with purpose and intention. Set your gaze on the unknown and live each day in celebration.

Happy New Year, my friends.

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