Peace and Chaos

I can’t believe it is 2017. Another year gone and Time continues to move on, way too fast to grasp. Try as we might, we will never slow it down. All we can do is pause in the midst of this chaotic mess we call Life, and experience the moments as they come and go.


It seems to have been a stormy year for many people out there. It appears a common theme is that 2016 was a not-so-great one. Life is chaotic, that’s for sure. Sometimes you can’t escape getting caught in a storm. Sometimes you are fortunate enough to see the clouds beginning to form and reflect on the beauty of it from a safe distance.


Sometimes you can see your path heading straight into the squall, allowing you a moment to pause and prepare yourself to weather the storm.


Sometimes you get caught, off-guard, in an unexpected downpour and you just have to halt, come to a full stop, allow the darkness to completely engulf you and let yourself get drenched. And when the downpour slows to a drizzle and the storm clouds begin to retreat across the valley, you stand yourself up, dig your dry layers out of your pack and continue on your way.


Sometimes the most profound beauty is encountered in the clearing of the fiercest storms. So, you seek yourself a new perch with a different perspective and pause to experience it, moment by moment.


Eventually, the light will fade and the beauty of the day will, yet again, give way to darkness. But then, the clouds will begin to clear and one-by-one the stars will appear bringing the brilliance of clarity into your view.


For the coming year, I wish you all a little peace amidst the chaos. I hope you capture a moment or two of profound beauty within the clearing of a storm. May the shadows give way to the light, bringing balance and clarity into your life.


Wishing you all a peaceful New Year.


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