This Adventure of Mine

This little blog adventure of mine is proving to be a very fun and surprisingly satisfying endeavor.  I have no idea what I’m doing, to be sure.  I have absolutely no computer skills. This online entity, the internet, it completely baffles me.  My social skills are somewhat lacking, so staying connected…are you kidding me?  But this little space, this mysterious place, my own tiny corner of this massive web, is slowly growing on me.

Clearly, I know nothing about blogging, but I am learning a lot as I go along, babbling about my days and sending it out into cyberspace.  I am told that every good blog should have a proper “About Me” page (among other important elements that I hope to get around to one day).  Not so keen on writing a bio, I’ve been procrastinating this task.  I much prefer writing about dinner or hiking or skyscapes.  But, here’s a little bit about me and my blogging adventure.

My hubby, my hounds and I live in a smallish town in the Mojave Desert near the foot of the Eastern Sierra Nevada.  Many people think it’s the middle of nowhere, but we think it’s the middle of somewhere perfect.  With a grand granite jungle gym to the west and a vast desert playground to the east, we have beauty, nature and adventure right at our doorstep.  We have been hiking and climbing together in this wonderland for about fifteen years.  We love it and having survived several years of noisy, smoggy, crowded beach city life, we feel most grateful to be able to live in a place like this.  Though life is not always as picture-perfect as scrambling along a striking mountain ridgeline or walking a desert sand dune at sunset, we do so enjoy our moments.

This unlikely project was originally brought about by my inner food nerd.  Yes, I am that girl who takes photos of her food and posts them on social media sites, texts them to family and friends, imposes her homemade vegan/superfood experiments on others in her eagerness to share her wonder and delight in the beauty of nature’s bounty…like I said, food nerd.  Well, a good friend of mine, recognizing my need for an outlet, encouraged me to start a blog.  A what?  Oh don’t be silly.  I don’t do things like that.  Well, I did.  And so this space came into being.

But there’s more to it than simply sharing healthy food photos and recipes.  Really, it’s about enjoying life.  Loving what you do.  Finding adventure in the everyday.  Seeking solace in doing what you love.  It’s about finding inspiration and sharing it with others.  The older I get…I mean, a little less young (cough, cough)…the busier life seems to be.  Time does this warp trick and flies by, way too fast to grasp.  To Do lists get longer and never seem to be completed.  Teaching tasks follow me home and work hours creep into dinner time which runs right into dish duty which folds into laundry hour then out the door for last minute errands and the next minute I find myself desperately searching for that darn alarm that won’t stop beeping in my ear.  Sometimes, life is like a big ‘ole messy run-on sentence.  It just keeps going, getting all jumbled up, making no sense at all.  So, it’s important to pause once in a while, insert a comma or perhaps a period, just stop all together.  Heck, use an exclamation point from time to time and go seek yourself a little something to get excited about!

Anyhow, as I adventure along in this blogosphere, I am learning new skills, branching out, breaking out of my box.  And I quite enjoy it.  I enjoy searching for inspiration and sharing it with others.  I find myself pausing a little more often.  I am a little more mindful of my activities as I go about my days, my weeks, my months.  Cooking dinner has become an adventure.  Going for a walk feels like vacation.  I am seeing more colorful sunsets, admiring more cloudscapes, noticing new skylines.  And I feel so grateful.

I hope you enjoy creating your own adventures in life.  And I thank you for being a part of mine!

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