These Moments

And so we begin another year. 2013 has come and gone and the cycle begins again with a fresh start, a new outlook and a list of promises made that we fully intend to keep, but probably won’t. When embarking on a new year’s adventure it is customary to establish a good set of resolutions for oneself, a guidebook for behavior with which to navigate this new and unknown segment of our journey as we continue to strive for perfection. I resolve to do this, stop doing that, do more of the one thing and be better at the rest. I began making my own obligatory list of promises for this new year…I promise to sweat more, eat less, read more books, get more done, be more thoughtful…but as I pondered my list of potential resolutions which would be guiding me into this new year, I got distracted by the view. My thoughts wandered to the hills and my list evaporated into that big, blue expanse of sky. And so I have only this: I resolve to be ever mindful of these moments. I promise to live these moments and continue to share them with others. For these are the things that fill my heart with joy. And taking pause to look back on these moments, I realize that this year of joy will lead to another and yet another. And in the end, with these little moments of joy, I am building myself a lifetime of happiness.

Wishing you another year of joyful moments.  Happy New Year!

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