Fleeting Moments

I find it hard to believe that the month of April has now found itself halfway to gone. It is only mid April and it is already mid April at the same time. I encounter this time warp thing again and again, yet it still manages to astound me. While it seems to me that spring has only just made its arrival, those moments of seasonal bliss are already beginning to fade. It is a busy time in this life cycle of mine. Spring Break has come and gone, the kiddos are back to school in full-force, eager to finish up the school year and get to movin’ on. With so many To-Do’s to tend to, it is certainly not a time for blogging. It is not the time for photo-taking or fancy food-making or collecting of beautiful moments. I should be in work mode, yet I find myself feeling a little cooped up, distracted and needing a little pause to enjoy these beautiful fleeting moments.

I don’t have many words to share. I have dinner to prepare and reports to type. Projects to finish, deadlines to meet and adventures to plan for somewhere in-between. Needless to say, I do not have the time to get lost in this little space of mine. However, it is my place for solace in these busy times, is it not? So, I will indulge. Just long enough to share a few random beautiful spring moments I somehow managed to capture recently.

Like that one morning a few weeks ago when I spontaneously dashed out with the dogs for a quick sunrise walk. We chanced upon a flock of snow geese hanging out in the rosy glow of dawn. I tried to sneak up for a photo or two without disturbing, but I unintentionally startled them into flight. They didn’t sound too pleased with me, but I must admit, it was beautiful to watch and I selfishly savored the moment.

And the wildflowers. The weather has been a little crazy this year, but the wildflower bloom was amazing. I can’t begin to describe the life and color that filled this entire valley for a brief time. The normally dry and drab desert floor was literally covered in a lush carpet of gold. I longed to be out and about a bit more, admiring those beautiful flowers. Unfortunately, that little seasonal break in my schedule did not happen to coincide with the big bloom this year, so my traditional wildflower hunt was not to be had. But I was content to catch one or two in passing as I enjoyed a little wandering here and there.


These desert blooms…they never cease to amaze me. The variety and color are endless. Each one unique, bringing its own quirky beauty to such seemingly boring landscapes.

I did manage to walk a little slower and look a little closer just long enough to indulge my sense of wonder, watching Nature’s busy workers content in the task of bringing about new life.

I haven’t had many opportunities for cloud-watching lately and I do so miss my skyscapes. But there have been one or two that caught my eye and held my mind for a moment.

I don’t mean to complain about the fact that times are busy, as I genuinely enjoy the work of daily life. But I also love my outdoor life. Too much of one and not enough of the other sometimes creates a little imbalance that requires a concentrated effort in bringing things back in line. I may grumble about it, but in these moments of imbalance, I am grateful for my hubby and his incessant need for adventure. He makes sure I get out and about, finding new gateways and new pathways to discovery.

Indeed, these moments of beauty are fleeting and I hate to see them go. And as busy as I think I may be lately, I must express my gratitude for the simple luxuries in life. A little bit of trail time, a tiny bit of me time, some new territory, new summits, a beautiful view or two…often times that’s all it takes to bring things back in line.

Just a friendly little reminder to pause and enjoy the beauty of these fleeting moments :)

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