Sunsets and Starfall

It has been a quiet, relaxing week around here.  With some time away from work and close to home, I fully intended to hit the household to do list and get some of those ridiculously prolonged projects completed.  But there was this cloud of gratitude in the air, coloring our sunsets in such a way that chores and projects fell by the wayside and we spent the week watching the sky, taking photos and simply enjoying our moments.

It’s funny how a leisurely morning meander or a quiet evening ridgline ramble can feel like such a luxury at times.  But these are the things, the moments never to be taken for granted.

We just purchased a new camera.  I say we, because technically it is for both of us to use and love, but I am just not ready yet.  I am not embarrassed to admit that I am definitely a point-and-shoot kind of gal.  I love taking photos, I snap them in great abundance and I have managed to capture quite a few gems over the years. I am comfortable in auto mode, but I am learning.  I am growing.  My husband, on the other hand, he’s a natural. He’s got an eye for the landscape and a knack for learning the tools.  No doubt, that boy deserves a proper camera!

One afternoon we headed out toward Death Valley to wander the Slate Range a bit and break in the new camera.  It was an overcast day, not at all fit for good photos.  However, on the way home, just outside Trona, we caught a beautiful sunset.  It was a satisfying sensation, fiddling about with my little camera, taking in my sunset and watching my hubby play in his element.  I felt content and grateful.  Needless to say, being present on that maiden voyage, it was one of those moments.

The following day brought a cloudless sky, most likely a perfect night for stargazing.  So, we headed out toward Fossil Falls to play with our respective cameras and hunt for treasures. We ate popcorn while the sun set, waiting for nightfall (or starfall, I prefer).  Who needs movie night when you have sunsets and starfall?

The sky was so clear as one-by-one the stars appeared with Venus leading the way.  We were treated to a galactic view that, amazingly, Evan was able to capture with this nifty new tool.  I am amazed.  What more can I say?

Wishing you contented moments and galactic views.

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