Can’t Beet That

When I was a young child I thought a vegetarian was someone who ate a lot of vegetables. I once informed my best friend’s mom that I was a vegetarian. I was baffled, not to mention disappointed, when she announced that she could no longer feed me hot dogs because I was a vegetarian. I was not, in fact, a vegetarian, but we did eat a lot of vegetables in my household. As much as I loved my veggies, there were two things I absolutely hated: spinach and beets.

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Sunny Salad

Last night it rained.  This morning, as I drove to work, I was taken aback by the sight of snow on our local desert peaks!  After many beautiful, sunny, spring days we have regressed to some winter-like weather.  Overcast, cool, windy.  I am definitely in the mood for a sunny sort of salad!

As I mentioned earlier, we have really been enjoying the beautiful and delicious recipes by Kris Carr and Chef Chad Sarno. So, that’s where I went to look for some edible sunshine!

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A Few of My Favorite Greens

I love Spring, short as it is in this high desert of ours. There is something about that stream of morning light from the kitchen window on a quiet Saturday morning that sparks a feeling of “spring fever”. This beautiful but brief period of time, when the desert is green and blooming with new life, fills me with energy. And that stream of light through the kitchen window makes me feel like indulging in a few of my favorite greens.

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