Adventures Along the Seashore

A few weeks ago, I posted a little bit about a recent adventure my hubby and I had along the seashore at the southern end of the Oregon coast. For us, it was something different, to be sure. For many years, we have been very enamored and slightly obsessed with our Sierra Nevada mountains and the Death Valley desert that border the small, isolated town that we call home. This has not changed, of course, but taking this time and this opportunity to experience something new has stirred up a little something that’s got us yearning for the seashore.

Oregon Coast Wonderland

It was my intention to write up a post about the adventures we had exploring the myriad of coastal trails and hidden beaches along the short stretch of coastline north of the Seastar Reatreat, which we were fortunate enough to call home for one glorious, luxurious week. Well, as it turns out, I don’t have much to say, except that it was magical, mystical, beautiful and it left us wanting more.

Secret Beach Near Brookings, Or
Secret Beach in the Fog, Brookings, OR
Secret Beach at Sunset, Brookings, OR

We explored so many little sections of coastal trail just north of our beachfront retreat, yet we quickly realized how much more there is to see! And we can’t wait to go back for more.

Oregon Coast Berries
Oregon Coast SnailOregon Coast Slug
Oregon Coast Wildflowers
Oregon Coast Dandelion

The coast was such a welcome change from our High Sierra granite peaks and our Death Valley desert range. Not that we love them any less, but expanding our horizons was definitely a heart-opening experience.

Indian Sands Arch
Indian Sands Arch at Sunset
Sunset at Indian Sands
Yarrow at Sunset, Indian Sands

Eventually, we had to leave, but on the way home we stopped to marvel at the enormity of these majestic trees. In total awe, we were struck by the absolute peace in this grove of very large Redwood trees.

Rounders Tree Sign

Though reluctant to leave our coastal retreat, we were glad to get home (as we alway are). And we now have something to look forward to…a return trip to explore a bit more of this beautiful, magical, coastline.


Open your heart, expand your horizon, explore a bit more :)

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